• Expanding beyond the borders
  • You have a show to produce.
    Let the experts collect the data.
  • The potential for growth.
  • Don't just search for sponsors. Activate them.


Build The Future of Your Event

Impress sponsors. Drive attendance. Stay relevant. Make money. This is what effective data capture and lead generation can do for you. For over 15 years, BGV Marketing has been gathering, analyzing and effectively putting to use consumer data from major industry shows and events across the country. With market research experience and innovative technology, we generate not just data, but intelligence and insight that allow you to:

  • Attract high-value sponsors
  • Increase ROI for exhibitors and sponsors
  • Refine your event’s assets and appeal
  • Generate back end revenue
  • Make effective, data-driven decisions


Contact us now and see for yourself how little it costs to elevate the experience of sponsors, exhibitors and attendees.