We specialize in data collection and demographic analysis for over 250 events every year

BGV Marketing Service’s goal is to enhance your marketing efforts through consumer analytic captures. Our programs are built to your specifications with the latest technology for precise information. Gaining insight from our methods will garner knowledge for future investments. It’s not data, it’s fuel for the future!

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Who We Are

For over 15 years, BGV Marketing Services has set the standard for data analytics. Combining expertise with the latest technology, we provide all the tools for a customized experience for companies and organizations who are looking to make strategic, data-driven decisions.

What We Do

Innovative, technology-driven data analytics. BGV has the ingenuity, research training, and marketing experience for effective data collection and lead generation. With a custom experience from beginning to end, we will gather the consumer analytic captures you need.

How We Do It

We work directly with you, using state-of-the-art technology to capture the necessary data. Using a multitude of technology, every application is customized for you. You will receive a substantial amount of response rates, comprehensive summary reports, and an in-depth analysis of findings.

Featured Work

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