Frequently Asked Questions

How does BGV capture data?

BGV utilizes a multitude of interactive, technology-driven tools to gather data from respondents.

Is it possible to provide my own staff for on-site operations?

BGV’s programs are completely customizable. This includes everything from survey questions to on-site operations to data reports of survey findings.

How much does it cost?

In most cases, BGV Marketing Services will not charge for our services.

How can our event benefit financially by working with BGV?

We can help you increase revenue dollars by incorporating your sponsors directly into the effort. Sponsor logos, questions, and onsite activation can all be added to the effort to increase revenue.

How can our event utilize BGV Marketing’s services to increase sponsor involvement?

BGV’s state of the art technology allows for logic-driven survey results. This allows events to customize their survey questions, and based on a sponsors requirements or qualifications, create a direct lead instantly.

How can our event benefit from working with BGV?

The results that BGV captures demonstrates the reasons attendees want to come to the event, and why they will come back next year.

How can online data capture benefit my event?

BGV can provide pre-event data, incorporate sponsor offers directly in the effort, and include advance or discount ticket sales options.

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