It‘s Not Data, It’s Fuel For The Future

By assisting your marketing efforts from beginning to end, BGV will provide reliable consumer captures. The data is acquired through interactive technology. Question on any subject can be programmed for your tailored questionnaire. Besides the ability to effectively collect data, BGV will ensure your marketing dollars are profitably allocated. Our detailed reporting provides invaluable tools, such as the ability to recruit new sponsors and vendors for your events.

What’s More, Our Programs Offer:

Complete program customization

The latest technology, from programming to execution

Graphic design

On-site management and staffing

Complete data reporting

Our Methods

With the latest technology, BGV’s on-site operations allow for dependable response rates. The convenience of the technology enables respondents from all backgrounds to easily answer demographically focused questions that are customized by you.

From these answers, reliable consumer analytic captures are reviewed for data analysis. Demographic trends will be integrated into the survey results.

Our Process


We want to discuss the goals of your event to correctly design the survey with targeted questions for information about consumer demographics. Data reporting methods are identified during this meeting as well.

Project Implementation

BGV Marketing will capture a statistically significant pool of data from a survey approved by you. We also handle everything from on-site ticket registration to loyalty programs to on-site promotions. On-site, electronic survey instruments will be used to obtain responses.


Once the event has concluded, BGV provides an accurate, statistically meaningful demographic analysis. This is fully customizable, so you receive the information in a final report representative of key findings from respondents.


Even after the reporting is complete, BGV continues your marketing endeavors. With our analysis, the events can be improved with insight through enhanced marketing efforts made by reaching new demographic groups not previously surveyed.

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